Is Ivanka a Bigger Liar Than Her Dad?

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While Americans watched in horror as innocent children and babies were torn from their parents’ arms, Ivanka Trump was posting photos of herself and her children, as happy as could be. Is she oblivious? A mean girl? Or is she unable to speak publicly about how she really feels out of fear of her father? Emily Jane Fox, author of the new book Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family, joins Nick Bilton to talk about what Ivanka and her brothers, Donny Jr. and Eric, are really like in person. She offers salacious and wild stories about how these children grew up, about whether they liked each other, and if they really care about how their dad is ruining the country.

Also: Nick and Jon Kelly talk about how Russia is planning to disrupt the 2018 and 2020 elections, and why Bob Iger is happy spending tens of billions of dollars on Fox.

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