Walt Disney World Resort 'Welcome Home' Video Gets Social Media Backlash

In the promo clip, employees can be seen wearing face masks in a variety of different locations from within the theme park as they prepare to welcome guests.

To indicate the reopening of Walt Disney World Resort, a promotional video was posted to the official Instagram and Twitter accounts for Disney Parks Jobs on Saturday, welcoming guests back to the theme park.

In the video clip, which has been deleted from Twitter but still appears on Instagram, uniformed cast members and park employees can be seen wearing face masks and saying the words "Welcome home" in a variety of different settings from within the park.

Rides are shown in full operation in the clip, as well as cars driving into the park and restaurants being prepped for service. "Cast members are ready to welcome guests back to Walt Disney World Resort" the caption read on Instagram.

Following its posting, the clip received criticism from social media users, with one declaring on Instagram, "The weirdest moment in history." Another user accused the park of being so desperate for money that it is putting employees in danger by reopening. "Do better Disney," another wrote. One user urged the park to provide testing to employees and offer hazard pay, before commenting, "You guys should really close."

A large portion of Walt Disney World resort partially reopened Saturday despite the surge of positive COVID-19 cases in Florida. The Florida Health Department recorded 6,336 new cases on Monday, which had increased to 11,433 cases by Friday. The total number of cases in the state is now over 254,000. 

View the video below.

Cast members are ready to welcome guests back to Walt Disney World Resort.

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