8 Podcasts Hosting Meaningful Conversations On Mental Health

These podcasts get up close and personal, and offer listeners a safe space to learn about and process mental health issues.

Sometimes the best remedy for battling mental health issues is to listen to stories from others. We discover solidarity in our shared struggles.

These 8 podcasts offer listeners a safe space to learn about and process mental health issues. They also deconstruct stereotypes and stigmas and gift listeners practical tips for finding health and healing.

Some are laugh-out-loud funny, others will make you cry, and one is even in Spanish.

Please note, some podcasts below contain content that may be triggering, including references to depression, suicide, self-harm, and sexual assault.

Average Episode Length | 30–45 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | I Cry At Work, Travel Anxiety and My Fear of the Overhead Bin
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Jen Gotch is funny, quirky, and brutally honest. Her personality, paired with excellent discussions, make for an addicting podcast and, after only one short season of Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes, she’s built a loyal following. Maybe it’s because she’s on a mission to dispel the myth that people have it all together—“we’re all just figure things out,” she wrote in a GirlBoss article—or maybe it’s because her delivery is packed with humor, anecdotes, and some next level real-talk. Whatever her magical powers are, she knows how to make listeners feel less alone. We’re here for it.

Do take note, Jen is on a short break after the first season to focus on her book and business (she’s the founder of ban.do). She promises she’ll return in the future. In the meantime, follow her on Instagram.

Reviews | “Listening to Jen talk about her struggles with mental health and well-being reminded me that I’m by no means alone in this battle. Her ability to share experience and the lessons she’s learned is invaluable. She is extremely relatable, and best of all, she provides good solid practical tips and reassurance.” - iTunes Review

Average Episode Length | 20–30 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | How Does Alcohol and Caffeine Affect Anxiety?
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Don’t be confused by the title, Not Another Anxiety Show is a podcast for everyone, “from the always anxious to the occasionally overwhelmed to the painfully panicked.” Hosted by Kelli Walker, a mental health coach who has personal experience with anxiety, panic, and OCD, this podcast is brimming with fantastic content. One of our favorite episodes addresses social drinking pressures and the effects alcohol can have on mental wellbeing—a hard but necessary conversation. You can also expect to hear a lot of jokes and friendly banter with doctors and health care professionals. New episodes air weekly.

Reviews | “This show has been amazingly helpful on my journey [to] manage my generalized anxiety disorder. It’s practical, educational, and fun!” - Michelle M., Facebook Review

Average Episode Length | 30–45 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | The Shame & Anxiety Behind Cleaning
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Spotify

Hosted by Adriana Alejandre, LMFT, LatinX Therapy is a weekly podcast that discusses mental health topics related to Latinas, Latinos, and Latinx individuals. With interview-formatted episodes featuring mental health professionals, writers, entertainment figures, and more, this show is successfully demystifying all the stereotypes and stigmas associated with mental health in Latin culture. Episodes are aired in English and Spanish—tune in weekly for new content.

Reviews | “It’s about time we have a podcast like this! Thank you to Adrianna the host for dedicating her life’s work to de-stigmatizing mental health in our community. This is helping so many people!” - Gaby, iTunes Review

Average Episode Length | 45–60 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | You Might Die Tomorrow, Tech in Mental Health
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher

Robert Duff (aka Duff the Psych) is a psychologist and the author of the bestselling Hardcore Self Help book series. He is also the host of The Hardcore Self Help Podcast, a wildly popular show dedicated to answering common and not-so-common questions about anxiety and depression. Episodes range in content and include everything from interviews with other professionals to practical self-care advice. This show is one of our favorites for easy-to-digest expert advice—you won’t hear any psychobabble or elitist jargon here. You can tune in every Tuesday for fresh content.

Reviews | “Duff‘s podcast companions me weekly, and tackles a myriad of important subjects with a charming common-sense expertise that makes it seem like having a psychologist best friend from college. He invites you into his life in a way that models vulnerability without ever crossing the ‘appropriate’ line. The expert interviews address a wide array of subjects, and the answer to readers’ questions are sensitive and thoughtful. ” - Jill S., Facebook Review

Average Episode Length | 15–30 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Toxic Relationships, Winning the War Against Your Mind
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Celeste is a therapist from Boston (LMHC), and her goal is to help listeners escape negative thought cycles. She believes perspective is everything, and that sometimes we just need someone to help us shift our view, to help clear the lens. That’s why she started Celeste The Therapist, a twice-weekly podcast (new episodes come out on Mondays and Wednesdays) with interviews, empowering messages, and practical tips for overcoming mental hurdles—because therapy is not always accessible, and sometimes a podcast may be the only option for someone.

Reviews | “I love [Celeste’s] spirit and willingness to be transparent and truthful about [her] experiences. Thank you for giving others hope and showing us that overcoming mental health obstacles is possible as long as we stay intentional.” - Teresa M., Facebook Review

Average Episode Length | 45–60 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Concentric Circles
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Spotify

Nora McInerny doesn’t want to have small talk, she wants big talk, about all the big things. “When I ask how you’re doing, I want to hear the real answer,” she says in one of her episodes. Her podcast is an invitation, a challenge to listeners to answer the inevitable ‘how are you doing’ question with honesty: terrible, thanks for asking.

McInerny began talking and writing about grief and mental health after her partner died from brain cancer (her third book No Happy Endings came out this spring). She now guides others through life’s hardest seasons—everything from death, divorce, anger, and jealousy—and hosts this weekly podcast (new episodes on Tuesday) that somehow makes us laugh and cry at the same time. You can also catch McInerny on Instagram

Reviews | “Beautiful, moving and very human. A wonderful podcast that explores the pain we all experience in one way or another. Nora is a brilliant, sensitive and funny host.” - iTunes Review

Average Episode Length | 30–45 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Emotional Agility, Poetry for Difficult Times
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher

Each episode of The One You Feed begins with a parable about a grandfather and his grandson. “Two wolves are living inside each of us—one is a good wolf and one is a bad wolf,” the grandfather tells the boy. “And the one who wins is the one you feed.”

And that’s what this show is about—learning how to feed your good wolf and learning how to change your relationship with your thoughts and the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Hosted by Chris Forbes and Eric Zimmer, this podcast is teeming with quality conversations about creating a life worth living. Tune in every Wednesday for new episodes.

Reviews | “A podcast helping us focus on the fact that we do have the power to make choices and the ability to choose the ‘one we feed’—including choosing gratitude and joy in each situation, no matter what we face.”  - Jacque W., Stitcher Review

Average Episode Length | 20–30 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Anxiety in Love
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Soundcloud

The MannMukti Podcast (also called Stories of Stigma: South Asian Mental Health) is dedicated to removing the shame and silence associated with mental illness in South Asian communities. Birthed from the MannMukti organization, a website with mental health resources targeted at South Asians, each episode has the same mission: to eradicate taboos associated with mental illness. Discussing topics through open dialogue and interviews, listeners can anticipate conversations with health care professionals about everything from anxiety attacks to navigating the world of therapy. Stories from those with lived experiences are sprinkled to round out each season.

Episodes air sporadically, so follow MannMukti on social media for updates. 

Reviews | “While there are plenty of resources available online, including research and how-to guides, very few cater to the needs of the South Asian population. MannMukti hopes to bridge that gap and increase awareness by providing resources, and by sharing experiences of people with mental illness through podcasts, an open forum, testimonials and more.” - Jinal Shah, Brown Girl Magazine

These podcasts are not a replacement for health care or therapy. If you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness, please visit your doctor. And if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK [8255]. Lines are open 24/7, and all calls are free and confidential.

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