Police issue warning after dangerous gender reveal goes wrong
July 10, 2019

It’s the risky trend that has taken social media by storm.

But popular “burnout” gender reveals — which involve a car being fitted with special smoking tyres that release pink or blue smoke — are being slammed by police as dangerous stunts after releasing footage of one going dangerously wrong in Queensland.

Samual Montesalvo, 30, a Gold Coast man was convicted of one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle after a drone captured the moment his black Holden car burst into a ball of flames while he was performing a burnout.

The ‘burnout’ started innocently enough on a quiet Queensland road. Picture: Queensland PoliceSource:Supplied

The stunt involves using special smoking tyres and driving aggressively to reveal whether the couple are having a boy or girl. Picture: Queensland PoliceSource:Supplied

The stunt — which happened in April of last year — took place on a deserted road in Norwell in front of a crowd of people.

Montesalvo is seen spinning the car’s tyres, which about a minute in, suddenly burst into flames.

In the shocking clip, the bystanders who were there to celebrate happy news can be seen desperately trying to pull Montesalvo from the burning vehicle as blue and black smoke billows out around them.

The driver was fined $1000 and had his license suspended for six months. Police released the video as a warning to people not to copy the stunt, which has been growing in popularity recently.

But this went horribly wrong when the car exploded into a ball of flames. Picture: Queensland PoliceSource:Supplied

Back in April a similar incident occurred in NSW, resulting in a man having his car confiscated by police during an allegedly dangerous burnout in Silverdale, west of Sydney.

Police were left “shaking their heads” as a friend of the man “risked his life” capturing the moment on camera, 7 News reported at the time.

“He was invisible with the amount of smoke that was generated from the screeching of the tyres,” Chief Inspector Stephen Blair told the outlet.

The expectant parents had dropped a note through their neighbours letter boxes warning them of the dangerous celebration plans before the event.

A similar incident happened in Sydney earlier this year where an onlooker was put at risk. Picture: NSW PoliceSource:Supplied

“In order to reveal the sex of the baby, a car will leave our driveway releasing the correct coloured smoke,” it read.

But after shocked onlookers — thought to be from a neighbouring home — posted a video of the car wildly looping in the street, leaving skid marks on the road, police were alerted to the stunt and the male driver was charged over the incident.

It’s not the only baby gender reveal that can go wrong, with a couple recently going viral when their coloured party popper backfired spectacularly and hit the dad-to-be painfully in his crotch.

This couple’s gender reveal went awry when a party popper backfired, hitting the dad in the crotch. Picture: Fox 17Source:YouTube

A video of the moment went quickly viral that showed Parker Stuard standing beside his expectant girlfriend, Micah, doubled over in pain.

Luckily the couple from Tennessee, saw the funny side of the incident, with Parker posting the clip on Facebook with the caption, “I reckon one child will be enough.”

A gender-reveal stunt for an expectant couple in Tennessee backfired majorly.

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