Salim’s lavish party for Instagram star girlfriend
December 9, 2019

Bankrupt property developer Salim Mehajer has thrown a lavish harbour birthday bash for his Instagram star girlfriend Melissa Tysoe’s 30th.

On a boat bedecked with her nickname “Missy” in flowers, dozens of pink and white balloons, and a giant “M” and a heart made from red flowers, the couple partied with friends, champagne and an extravagant spread of sweet treats.

In pictures and videos from the event, Ms Tysoe could be seen dancing and cavorting in different dresses of yellow, pink and white after several wardrobe changes, and Mehajer and other males appeared to pose with sawn-off “shotguns”.

The daytime bash was reportedly held so Mehajer could meet his curfew, which is part of his bail conditions.

He has 50 outstanding criminal charges, which are due for mention or Local Court committal at Burwood and Parramatta in western Sydney.

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Salim Mehajer and Missy Tysoe with flower heart and an ‘M’ on board the yacht on Sydney Harbour.Source:Instagram

The extravagant party with champagne and decadent cakes featured the birthday girl’s name spelt out in flowers.Source:Instagram

Mehajer and Tysoe may be ‘waiting’ until they marry.Source:Instagram

Salim’s girlfriend Missy Tysoe.Source:Instagram

Ms Tysoe’s 30th party was attended by her girlfriends who partied into the evening before fireworks erupted, presumably after Mehajer was back home observing his court orders.

Ms Tysoe posted photographs on Instagram of the celebration, as Mehajer is restricted from social media by bail conditions.

The couple, who earlier posted cheesy videos declaring their love on Instagram, have been together almost two years, separated for about 12 months while he has been serving time or been bail refused.

Although Ms Tysoe has previously stated the pair have not had sex because of his “deeply religious” Islamic beliefs, she has hinted marriage might be on the cards.

A post just six weeks ago of Ms Tysoe was captioned “designer wifey”, and Mehajer has sworn to love her “until I die” in Post-It notes.

Mehajer is set down to go to trial in June next year for alleged charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice stemming from an alleged faked car crash.

He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Melissa ‘Missy’ Tysoe celebrates on board the yacht in another wardrobe change into a fetching pink dress.Source:Instagram

Salim Mehajer and friends with sawn-off ‘shotguns’ at the bash.Source:Instagram

Salim Mehajer (above with Ms Tysoe) has matters due in different courts this week in Sydney.Source:Instagram

Mehajer’s matters are due in court on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

In Burwood Local Court on December 10, his listed charges are one count each of not stopping at a red arrow, not turning left from a multi-lane road and driver using a mobile phone when not permitted.

He also faces four counts each of wilfully making a false declaration for material benefit, wilfully or corruptly making a false substituted declaration, and dealing with identity information to commit an indictable offence.

On December 11, three charges of acting with intent to pervert the course of justice are listed for mention in the Parramatta District Court.

He faces one count each of making a false statement on oath amounting to perjury, publishing false or misleading material to obtain advantage, and false representation resulting in police investigation

Mehajer also faces two counts of possessing prohibited drug, one of supplying prohibited drug, negligent driving, requesting or making a false call for ambulance, not stopping at a line and not keeping left of a dividing line.