Tammy Hembrow’s racy bikini shot divides fans
July 8, 2019

She’s definitely no stranger to flaunting her physique to fans.

But Australian fitness model Tammy Hembrow has left her 9.6 million followers utterly baffled with her latest bikini photo.

The shot, which shows the mum-of-two perched seductively on the side of a pool and gazing down the barrel of the camera, has caught attention for its next-level raciness.

Because while the 23-year-old is wearing a swimsuit, you’d be forgiven for totally missing it altogether.

But this is no accident. Definitely no wardrobe malfunction going on here.

You see, Tammy is rocking one of this season’s “naked” bikinis, which, as the name suggests, deliberately gives the illusion the wearer is nude.

And people aren’t happy about it.

Tammy Hembrow’s latest bikini photo has left fans questioning why she’s even bothering to wear it. Picture: Instagram/TammyHembrowSource:Instagram

The daring look is achieved using tiny patches of flesh-coloured fabric held together with clear plastic straps.

But fans of the influencer aren’t impressed by the cheeky design, with many of them asking the star the same question: “What is the point of that bikini?”

“Why have clothes on at this point?” one asked.

Someone else wrote: “This isn’t even a bathing suit.”

“Why even wear a bikini at this point?” another agreed.

Others branded the fashion statement “too much” and “vulgar”, while one declared: “There’s a line and this oversteps it.”

“When did bikinis turn into actual dental floss?” another mused.

But while her bold swimwear definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted, many loved the racy design.

“I need this bikini,” one commented.

“Might as well wear nothing.. you look bomb tho!” one said.

One wrote: “Why is everyone so offended, you’re a milf and you flaunt it.”

Some even pointed out the benefits of wearing such a barely-there bikini.

“At least you won’t have any tan lines,” one said.

Tammy revealed in a comment she liked the bikini for this reason, telling a fan who asked why she wore it her choice was down to having “no tan lines bro”.

The “naked” bikini first gathered attention back in April when online UK fashion retailer Oh Polly released one for just $74, and it went viral.

This ‘naked’ bikini is the latest take on the micro swimwear trend. Picture: Instagram/OhPollySource:Supplied

It features ‘invisible’ straps and miniature flesh-coloured triangle cups. Picture: Instagram/OhPollySource:Instagram

The product description on the site read: “Caution, this bikini ain’t for the faint-hearted. “Make tan lines a thing of the past in our clear strap micro bikini top, it covers the essentials.

“The triangles are adjustable to achieve your desired level of reveal.”

From the back it’s particularly full-on.

The flesh-coloured thong disappears, putting your bum cheeks on full display, while the bra from the back is invisible.

It’s not the first time Tammy has raised eyebrows with her racy poolside pics.

In January, she left fans scratching their heads with a photo of herself posing in a pink two-piece while the pool tiles appeared to magically bend behind her.

“What’s going on with those tiles behind her?” one user asked.

“Woah, what an optical illusion,” one fan wrote. “My eyes are hurting.”

“Why are the tiles so bent; it’s messing with my mind,” another said.

But while some believed the bow in the tiles was caused by their eyes, others were quick to accuse the social star of editing her snaps.

“Photoshop Level 3000,” one angry user said.

“Someone has been playing around with their photos,” another wrote.

Tammy, however, defended the snap, stating the puzzling photo was not photoshopped.

“Take another look and realise the tiles curve because they curve into what I’m sitting on,” she explained.

What do you make of the ‘naked’ bikini trend? Do you think it’s too much, or are you a fan of the optical illusion? Let us know in the comments below or continue the conversation @RebekahScanlan | rebekah.scanlan@news.com.au