Brisbane teen finds ‘blade’ in Sunbeam sultanas
August 29, 2019

A teenager has found a razor blade inside a packet of Sunbeam sultanas sold at a Woolworths supermarket in Brisbane.

Danica Bennett issued a warning to friends and family on her Facebook page after she claimed her daughter discovered the sharp item in her yoghurt-coated sultanas.

She said there was no sign of tampering with the plastic that wrapped the six-pack of snack-sized boxes, which was purchased from Kenmore Woolworths (10 kilometres southwest of Brisbane’s CBD).

“So lucky it was my teenager that found it and not a small child as it’s obviously a product targeted at young kids,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I’m just worried about little kids eating these and getting hurt.”

A woman from Brisbane has claimed her daughter found a razor blade in a packet of Sunbeam sultanas she purchased from a Woolworths store. Picture: Facebook/ DanicaBennettSource:Facebook

When many asked if her daughter was OK, Ms Bennett wrote, “She’s a teenager who eats them one at a time so she’s fine.

“And mentally she’s taken it in her stride-thank goodness.”

The mother said she had escalated the matter to Sunbeam and Woolworths, who are investigating.

“I am sad for the state of the world that this is a thing our kids (& us parents) need to deal with,” she said in response to people’s comments.

A Woolworths spokesman told it was not aware of any similar incidents, and the customer had been in touch with the chain and the supplier.

“We’re aware of the report and have been in touch with the customer,” the spokesperson said.

“The details have been reported to the supplier who makes the product, and we stand ready to assist them as they investigate the matter.”

Sunbeam is investigating the matter. Picture: Facebook / DanicaBennettSource:Facebook

The disturbing discovery comes almost one year after sewing pins were found in strawberry punnets around Australia, sparking a major police investigation.

It caused Queensland Police to investigate the entire supply chain of Berry Licious and Berry Obsession strawberries.

My Ut Trinh, a 50-year-old farm supervisor, was arrested and charged with seven counts of contaminating goods.

Tougher fruit-tampering laws have since been introduced as well as the threat of greater jail time.

According to the ABC, Ms Bennett said she was planning to visit her local Woolworths today to show them the razor blade.

Danica Bennett and Sunbeam have been contacted for further comment.