Weather presenter forced to apologise after calling traffic jam ‘holocaust’ in ‘disgusting’ tweet
November 22, 2019

A UK weather presenter has been slammed over an “absolutely disgusting” Twitter rant.

Sian Lloyd, 61, a previous forecaster on UK channel ITV, came under fire after likening traffic problems in her native Swansea in Wales in the UK to the Holocaust.

She later deleted the tweet and apologised, claiming she’d not been referring to the word’s “historical” meaning.

Ex-ITV weather presenter Sian LloydSource:Twitter

The Holocaust saw the slaughter of six million Jews by Nazi Germany between 1941 and 1945.

Lloyd wrote: “Yet another traffic holocaust in Swansea today. Probs the worst ever. Over 1 HOUR to get to the Village Hotel from Mumbles. Took sis 1 hr 40 mins to Neath earlier. Everything is wrong about traffic management in Swansea.”

Sian Lloyd’s offending tweet. Since deletedSource:Twitter

Furious Twitter users slammed the presenter for her remarks.

Jeff Smith wrote: “Comparing a traffic jam to the Holocaust … nice.”

Chris Moore said: “Shameful comment. Hour in traffic being compared to the death of 6 million Jews. My heart bleeds for you.”

Another added: “Absolutely disgusting comparing a traffic jam to a holocaust. Nobody hates traffic more than me, my commute is often 3+ hours a day, but I would never utter such a heinous comment. You should be ashamed!”

Tweeter Chris Moore criticises Sian Lloyd over her choice of wordsSource:Twitter

One Twitter user branded the presenters comments as disgustingSource:Twitter

Another Twitter user expressed their outrageSource:Twitter

Lloyd – who presented forecasts for ITV Weather for 24 years until 2014 – posted a series of apologies after the backlash.

She wrote: “Hey guys, it’s the noun with a small h. I’m half Jewish myself. Would never want to cause offence. Huge apology if I did.”

Sian Lloyd apologises for outrage caused over her use of the word holocaustSource:Twitter

“I did not do that (compare traffic to the holocaust). And would never do so. It’s the noun with a small h, which is a bona fida word. Not the historical one with a big H. But clearly a bad choice. Big apologies.”

Sian Lloyd responds to tweeter regarding her use of the wordSource:Twitter

She later added: “I’ve been (to Auschwitz) & I’m half Jewish. I wrote & meant the noun with a small h, a bona fida word, and not the awful historical noun with a big H. A big mistake to have used the noun. So sorry to have offended folk.”

Sian Lloyd explains the misunderstanding behind her tweetSource:Twitter

The Sun found Lloyd had previously referred to traffic problems in Swansea as a “holocaust”.

She wrote in 2017: “No sign of breakdowns 7.30 last night & no towing truck or bollards in sight. Just the usual Fabian Way vehicular holocaust. Lights badly set.”

Sian Lloyd has previously tweeted about Swansea traffic problemsSource:Twitter

The dictionary definition of holocaust is: “A very large amount of destruction, especially by fire or heat, or the killing of very large numbers of people.”

The Holocaust refers to the extermination of Jews by Nazi Germany.

Lloyd is originally from Maesteg, near Swansea, in south Wales.

She has also appeared on reality TV shows I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here and Celebrity First Dates.

The Sun contacted Lloyd’s representatives for comment.

Sian Lloyd poses for a picture in France.Source:Twitter

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.