Wildest outfits at Burning Man 2019
August 29, 2019

Burning Man 2019 has officially kicked off — and with it comes a stream of wild fashion.

The festival attendees are four days into the week-long arts festival that is famed for its barely-there outfits and lots of nudity.

Located deep in the Nevada desert, revellers are free to wear whatever they fancy in a temporary “city” built by its attendees.

And while the remote location means many people currently roaming around the dusty area don’t have mobile phone reception, it hasn’t stopped some from finding a way to share their #desertselfies (I’m not even sure that’s a hashtag but it should be) on Instagram.

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So far, a quick trawl online shows heaps of stunning photos of men and women wearing some extremely OTT outfits.

This Burning Man attendee stops to pose for a photo at sunset wearing slashed pants and a top made from a scarf. Picture: Instagram / gabrielalongSource:Instagram

One “Burner” posed for a snap wearing a scarf top worn as a halter-neck and adorned with jngly beads usually found on belly dancers’ outfits. She teamed it with a pair of slashed, skint-tight pants and a detailed cap.

A couple attending the festival — which is community based and revolves around “radical self-expression” — appears to have matched their outfits to a piece of bright yellow art. The pair posed up a storm in front of the eye-catching sculpture, with the man wearing a fluoro yellow tutu and cropped top, while his partner rocked a skimpy black bikini with a matching trim.

This couple are loving life but, honestly, they look too clean. Picture: Instagram / evi_ariSource:Instagram

Like seriously, this posing action is next level. Picture: Instagram / evi_fairySource:Instagram

Of course, those outfit choices are pretty conservative compared to some, such as the chick below who has chosen to wear a flesh-coloured net over her entire body, with two black “X” nipple pasties and a pair of tiny undies protecting her modesty.

These women decided to embrace the festival’s core value of radical self-expression. Picture: Instagram / kmaxnySource:Instagram

Another couple stopped for a series of snaps while running around the desert together. The woman — dressed in a pink tutu — has gone topless except for some star-shaped nipple pasties. She also has a feature necklace across her bare chest.

Her partner is wearing a feather crown, which some people might frown upon at Burning Man because feathers come loose and fall onto the ground creating waste — affectionately known by Burners as “Matter Out Of Place” (MOOP).

However, he’s rocking it with some statement shades, a pair of white pants and a kaftan.

This pink tutu with nipple pasties is a definite Burning Man vibe. Picture: Instagram /Source:Instagram

This couple shared a series of shots dressed in their funky outfits. Picture: Instagram /Source:Instagram

Headpieces are always popular out on “The Playa” — the nickname given to the self-made Black Rock City.

One woman rocked a metal catlike headpiece that gave her complete anonymity with a nude jumpsuit. Another posed in front of an “art car” — a moving piece of artwork — with a playful fluffy piece that she teamed with a matching bikini top and huge goggles.

Headpieces are popular at Burning Man. Picture: Instagram / itskovalevskayaSource:Instagram

This girl posed in her skimpy outfit beside a famous art car. Picture: Instagram / latersbabySource:Instagram

There’s also plenty of other photos of Burning Man attendees posing beside some of the unique art and sculptures found in various places throughout the festival, including of course “The Man” himself that will be set alight on Saturday.

Goggles are a common feature in Burning Man attire because it is so dusty. Picture: Instagram / me_lanaSource:Instagram

With the festival still having another five days — and most people choosing to keep their phones turned off throughout — there’s sure to be even wilder outfits yet to be seen.

Here are some other fashion choices you would only ever see at Burning Man.

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